A steadily growing family business

Simon Keller AG was founded in 1971 by Simon Keller in a small car garage in Burgdorf. After various participations in specialist foot care exhibitions, the sole proprietorship was converted into a limited company after 5 years. With growing success, the need for space also increased. In 1979, the company reacted to this situation by acquiring the property at Lyssachstrasse 83 in Burgdorf, which is still the basis of the traditional company today. In 2003, Bernhard S. Keller - himself in the company since 1992 - took over the management from his father. Simon Keller AG is a true family business. This is not only evident in the fact that three of the founder's grandsons already play leading roles in the company, but also in the unique cohesion of the entire workforce.

New paths and pioneering spirit

Simon Keller AG exports products to over 45 countries worldwide and offers top brands in Swiss exclusive distribution. The unique overall range of the traditional company includes products in the areas of footcare, beauty, medical, hair and wellness & spa. With Simon Keller GmbH in Austria and Simon Keller Ltd. in Canada, the company also has an international presence. In addition to the headquarters in Burgdorf, since the founding of the Swiss Wellness Academy (SWA), a comprehensive training and further education programme has been offered to the professional clientele. The SWA has established itself as the leading provider of training and further education in the industry in Switzerland - also with the integration of the professional school for cosmetics Maria Schweizer AG.

Friendly and competent

The many thousands of customer relationships at home and abroad, often cultivated over decades, show that the entire team not only understands its job, but also its counterpart. Friendly, competent and equipped with an unerring sense for trends, the company is fit for a successful future.

« Nature's best, combined with modern technology » is our credo! 

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